about me

"everything has already been done......,

but can I try again?"


little bio

I was born in Ravenna in 1973, ever since I was a boy "the one with the camera" in the group, they were photos for more to capture memories, even if often with details almost incomprehensible taste.
After exploring naturalistic and sporting photos I met street photography in 2014, intrigued by some courses I understand I want to be self-taught and I find my direction towards a shot mainly focused on juxtaposition and often with humorous flavor, mainly single shot, catching the moment and without poses.
Today the exploration is not over yet, looking for a photograph that can intrigue me.
My vision is a construction of the image correlating subjects that many would pass unnoticed.

Before leaving to participate in competitions, in 3 years I have the pleasure of obtaining placements in national and international finals on exclusive events for street photography, for 3 consecutive years I get a photo published in the book World Street Photography, the photos begin to be appreciated in my land "Romagna" ,in Italy where I am discovered and invited to be part of the Italian collective Street Eyes from 2015, to be definitively recognized internationally.

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